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Keratin / Conditioning Treatment

Keratin / Conditioning Treatment

Another breakthrough technique for hair, the Keratin treatment, emerged along with the great advancements in the cosmetic business. Thanks to its great popularity and high success rate, this therapy has created a dedicated fan base.

Interested in giving it a try yourself as well? Here are various types of Keratin treatment are at Salon Prime to convert your hair into the silky waterfall you’ve always desired!

Keratin Treatment

Most women are rarely pleased with the texture of their natural hair, according to a recent study. Those with curly or frizzy hair desire velvety straight hair, whereas women with stick-straight hair want some curl and bounce. Thermal Sets and Keratin treatments have revolutionized the world of hair care. Keratin treatments and thermal sets have revolutionized the world of hair care.

Hair comes in a variety of colors, styles, and lengths. It can also reveal a lot about who we are, how we live, and how well we manage and endure our hectic schedules. This is why the advantages of a fresh hairstyle are more than we anticipate.

Pro Addiction

Pro Addiction is a mix of necessary proteins that are authorized by the Food and Drug Administration. It is devoid of formaldehyde and chemicals, and it has no odor. The hair is regenerated, becoming silky, shiny, and smooth.

We have Pro Addiction that supports gradual natural hair treatment. Your hair will be straightened and restored concurrently with Pro Addiction. Hair is smoothed, tamed, and nourished with this product. Straightening your hair while keeping it full or having it pressed are two options available to you.

Because our products contain natural proteins and amino acids, your hair will be more nourished and silky as a result of the smoothing process. Across all hair types, depending on the hair texture and state you will best outcome at Salon Prime.

Brazilian Blowout

Our semi-permanent hair smoothing procedure that generally lasts around 3 months. Brazil’s humid environment and curly-haired populace are likely to have contributed to its rapid ascent to prominence. At Salon Prime we emphasize on the excellent quality of the products that use organic and natural essence as their base.

The liquid keratin-based treatment forms a protective barrier around each hair strand, eliminating frizz, sealing the cuticle, and preventing damage. The Brazilian Blowout also contains camu, acai berries, and annatto seeds, all of which are endemic to the country of

Brazilian Blowout may undoubtedly shorten drying time.

360° View: Salon Prime hairstylists will use our distinctive sectioning methods to ensure that all of your strands receive equal care and attention and that the correct amount of lift is applied to give your blowout the perfect form!

Olaplex Treatment

The Olaplex treatment is one of the most popular ways to strengthen your hair, especially after a color job. Salons use it to maintain hair strong, glossy and healthy, it’s a miracle cure-all potion.

Salon Prime hair restoration solution has been on the market for a few years and stands out from the crowd. If you have damaged, dry hair, Olaplex is a fantastic remedy. In fact, it is an active chemical therapy that operates at the molecular level. Your hair’s damaged protein connections are repaired with top-notch product. Therefore, these proteins function as a protective shield against internal and external harm.

Olaplex is the best option for people who routinely color their hair or have weak and damaged hair. Also, this treatment is great for those who want to maintain healthy hair.Look no farther than Olaplex if you fear your hair has been irreparably harmed by years of bleaching or if you just want to add strength and luster.

Hair color can be reduced using Olaplex. Other hair treatments can also be used in conjunction with this product to enhance their effectiveness and prevent additional hair damage.

Kerastase Ritual Treatment

For us, pampering does not have to end there. Indulge yourself with a series of unique hair routines. Hair care experts, we’ve extended the famous scalp massage, integrated soft motions to assist release tension, and infused delicate aromas to transport you with your eyes closed.

Hair and scalp are pampered in a delicate yet comprehensive sequence of care movements, deeply treating hair from root to tip, depending on the ritual you have selected. Arrange a visit at Salon Prime and evaluate by yourself.

It purifies and revives dull hair leave them Indulgent and rejuvenating. The mask is infused with imitation caviar pearls, which are blended in only before application. Rejuvenating the scalp, strengthening and repairing the hair, leaving it smooth and luminous with fresh volume.

The scalp care is very often overlooked, regardless of the fact that it is the source of many hair problems, including oily and greasy hair as well as hair loss, dandruff and irritation.

This problem is compounded by the fact that we live in a dirty environment. Kérastase’s Cleansing procedure includes the clay-based products and scalp brush created specifically for this salon-exclusive treatment. Salon Prime is place to rejuvenate the scalp and hair, and is used generously during the massage.


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Boost your Hair’s Health

Keratin Treatment is one of several therapies available today that can repair the keratin in your hair. To make your hair glossy and silky, artificial keratin is added. Salon Prime will repair your hair by artificially adding back lost protein to it. A growing number of men and women are turning to this type of treatment.

It makes hair softer and simpler to manage for people who use it on their hair. A broad range of outcomes can be achieved with keratin treatments, depending on the health of the hair at the start of the process, its natural thickness, and the kind of treatment.

Cells that overlap to produce your hair follicles are smoothed by keratin, which smooth them out.

Keratin is supposed to be absorbed by the cuticle of the hair, resulting in hair that appears full and shiny. In addition, Keratin is said to make curly hair less frizzy and simpler to style.

Considering all this you can opt this treatment or you can consult with our team that will guide you through entire process and will answer all your queries when you visit our place.

Accept and embrace change. Allow your hair to change along with you as you develop into your amazing self. Our hairdressers at Salon Primecan start the makeover right now.

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